Lubricants for Diesel Engines.

Supreior Protection and Prevent Your Engines.


             An advance synthetic technology engine oil which formulated by Respoplex Technology. It is designed to use with all modern diesel engine which require special protection result from oil film strength and selected additive. It is suitable for high torque and long distance drive which need maximum oil efficiency.


EXTRA PROPERTIES                
             o  Increase the detergent and dispersant performance which result in excellent engine cleanliness

             o  Oxidation stability in high temperature that ensure truly long-drain oil
             o  Control sludge and gum formation
             o  stable oil film strength for hiest protection


             o FURiO F1 DIESEL 5W-30 is recommend for all high performance diesel engine include commonrail, MPV and SUV.

             o It is compatible with exhaust gas after treatment systems such as DPF, SCR, DOC and EGR.
             o It can be used in diesel passenger car, van, pick-up, bus and truck which require special protection. 
             o It can be used with bi-fuel vehicle which modified for NGV/LPG.



              o API CI-4/CH-4/SL         o ACEA E7-12                    o MB 228.3            o Volvo VDS-3    

              o MAN 3275-1                 o Renault RLD-2                o Mack EO-N        

              o Cat ECF-2                    o  Cummins CES 20077    


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