Lubricants for Diesel Engines.

Supreior Protection and Prevent Your Engines.


             A fully synthetic engine oil highest yet in protection which formulated by Respoplex Technology. It is designed to use with all modern diesel engine with superior protection from selected synthetic base oil and outstanding performance additive. The highest technology engine oil in film strength for passenger car and multi-purpose vehicle.


EXTRA PROPERTIES                                                

             o Excellent to reduce engine wear from start to the operate condition

             o Protect valve wear, piston deposit and reduce soot to keep engine clean
             o Longer oil drain interval thru film strength
             o Prolong engine and after treatment life
             o Prevent oil sludge formation
             o Low viscosity SAE  5W-30 helps in fuel economy


             o FURiO F1 DIESEL 5W-30 is recommend for all high performance diesel engine include commonrail, MPV and SUV.

             o It is compatible with exhaust gas after treatment systems such as DPF, SCR, DOC and EGR.
             ​o It can be used in diesel passenger car, executive van, pick-up and commercial truck which require special protection.

MEET REQUIREMENTS                                                

              o API CJ-4/SN o MB 228.31  o ACEA E9-12 o VOLVO VDS-4

              o CUMMINS CES 20081 o RENAULT VI RLD-3 o MAN 3575
              o DDC 93K218    o MACK EO-O Premium Plus o MTU Cat 2.1


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