Lubricants for Gasoline Engines.

The Highest Lubricants Technology for Your Car.


            A 100% fully synthetic engine oil with the highest standard which formulated by Respoplex Technology. The engine oil is special designed for modern gasoline engine with combination of high quality synthetic base oil and carefully selected additive.This product meets the world class OEM requirement on lubricating properties and engine protection. The benefits of BANGCHAK GE GOLD include the following properties :

             o Excellent wear protection for all driving condition
Prolong engine life with thermal stability oil molecule
             Better acceleration and fuel economy by internal friction reduction
             Protect valve wear, piston deposit and reduce soot to keep engine clean
             Provides excellent overall performance even low temperature


             o FURiO F1 PREMIUM 0W-40  is recommended for all high performance gasoline vehicles including the multi-valve engine and for the modern DIG and conventional PFI.
It can be used in the vehicles that filled up with gasohol E10, E20, E85 and also modified NGV and LPG engine.

MEET REQUIREMENTS                

             o API SN/CF     o ACEA A3/B4-12     o BMW Longlife -01   o MB 226.5      o MB 229.1       o MB 229.3    o MB 229.5
             Porsche A40  o Renault RN0700    o Renault RN0710     o VW 502 00    o VW 505 00    o Ford WSS-M2C937-A

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