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FURiO F2 SAE 5W-30

             An advance synthetic technology engine oil which formulated by Respoplex Technology. It is designed to use with gasoline direct injection (DIG) and Port Fuel Injector (PFI) which combine outstanding wear reduction additive developed for high performance vehicle. The engine oil meet 2 global requirements of API SN give superior protection for all severe, tough, high load and heavy traffic condition, ILSAC GF-5 designed for fuel.

             o  Increase the detergent and dispersant performance which make excellent engine cleanliness                        
             o  Oxidation stability in high temperature that ensure truly long-drain oil                        
             o  Reduce vaporization and comsumption                        
             o  Take adventage in Fuel Economy with SAE 5W-30                        
             o FURiO F1 5W-30 is recommended for all high performance gasoline vehicles including the multi-valve engine and for the modern DIG and conventional PFI.

             o It can be used in the vehicles that filled up with gasohol E10, E20, E85 and also modified NGV and LPG engine.
             o It is appicable for all European and Japanese gasoline vehicle.

MEET REQUIRTEMENTS                      
             o API  SN    

             o ILSAC GF-5 


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