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FURIO Super Gear SAE 85W-140FURIO Super Gear SAE 85W-140

FURIO Super Gear SAE 85W-140

              A multipurpose extreme pressure gear oil.  It is designed to give excellent performance for all heavy-duty equipment and resulted from applying high quality base oil with special additives.  The benefits of FURiO SUPER GEAR GL-5 SAE 85W-140 include outstanding results in high load pressure operations, protected against corrosion, reduced gear wear.
              o FURiO SUPER GEAR GL-5 SAE 85W-140  is a multipurpose extreme pressure gear oil meeting API GL-5 and has been used in most transmission, rear axels, differentials and gear units of automotives and off - highway mobile equipments. It is especially suitable for hypoid and spiral-bevel gears. It can also be used in some steering gears and universal joints lubricated by oil.
              o API GL-5      
              o ZF TE-ML 07A      
              o ZF TE-ML 08

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