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FURiO Super1FURiO Super1

FURiO Super1

             A fully synthetic engine oil SAE 10W-40 lubricating oil for four-stroke gasoline engines and gear oil for two and four-stroke engines. This oil conforms to API SN classification and JASO MA2 and gives superior performance in modern four-stroke motorcycle engines.  It results from applying high quality base oil with benefits of special additives. The FURiO SUPER 1 include the following properties :
             o Keep cylinder and piston clean
             o Prevent the piston stick problem
             o protect and prolong gear life and catalytic converter.
             o Increase lubricating  performance  and ensure  smooth driving
             o Outstanding engine's protection under extreme conditions.
             o Provides excellent oxidation stability and wear protection
             FURiO SUPER 1 is designed for all four-stroke motorcycle and also applied for gear boxes in two and four-stroke motorcycles.

             o API SN    o JASO MA2

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